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Chloe Zwiacher has always been a comedian, but it took her 26 years to figure it out. In the meantime, she studied Creative Writing at Interlochen Arts Academy, and then at the University of Iowa, where she joined the crew team and did sports for a while. She began studying comedy in earnest in 2015, when she enrolled at IBCS, and has not been able to stop since. She is currently a member of ImprovBoston House Team Butter; director of MESA; and producer of Something Wicked: The Bard, Improvised! 

Julie Snyder.jpeg


Julie is an actor, improviser, and creator residing in New England after ten years in Central Florida. She only knows extremes. You can see her (and read about her book, movie, and video game passions) on instagram at @bookstore_gal. You can also hear her as co-host of the podcast Historical Shade. Thank you to the entire True Tales team for this opportunity, portraying Jackie has been a dream. Wait, has this all been a dream? 



Noel Naczi first came to Boston as a BC business student. After graduation, he chose to remain in the city as a resident software engineer and jokester. Although normally seen prancing around as part of ComedySportz Boston, he can also be found metaphysically prancing on the historical comedy podcast, Anachronismo!



Meredith Gulley has lent her voice to commercials and documentaries for over fifteen years, eager to jump on both small independent projects and large productions from companies like Nestle. From nine to five she's a marketing professional, but at night, she performs at ImprovBoston on the house team, Ruthie, and on indie teams Rumpus and Phoenix Killbot. She is a proud cat mom to a foundling named Scruff and makes a damn good butternut squash soup


The Chief

John Serpico, who is thrilled to play The Chief, is a Boston-based comedian and actor. Among John's most favorite projects are his roles in the long-running live comedy shows Magic The Gathering The Show (2012-present), Comedy, America (2014-2019), and Quest (2007-2012). John has also performed at the comedy festivals around the country representing ImprovBoston.



Marc Campasano is a resident cast member at Cambridge’s ImprovBoston (Face Off, Harold Night).  He is creator and director of the time-traveling improvised comedy “This Changes Everything,” and has performed with “ClueProv,” “True Defective,” and “Poseidon,” among many other projects. He has lent his voice to many and varied household objects in “Max and Marc are Very Popular,” New England’s best and only googly-eye-based improv show. Illuminati ollominoto.


The Sword

Liz Roderick is a teacher and performer at ImprovBoston. She enjoys being a part of the community, her job in fundraising and her daughter Penny. 

dennis bruno.jpg


Dennis Bruno is a proud improviser and martial artist who got to roundhouse kick some fun for True Tales. When he's not teaching awesome students self-defense in Malden, Dennis can be found gaming and hanging around Medford, Somerville, and Cambridge with great friends. GET SOME!

Ramy Abdelghani 2.jpg


Ramy Abdelghani is a co-producer of ImprovBoston’s monthly late-night experimental variety show, LaughterRisk. His interest in improv was piqued after applying improvisational concepts to scavenger hunts and live-action “choose your own adventure” games he coordinated with local event planning groups Banditos Misteriosos and BostonSOS. He's also an actor, writer, storyteller, and occasionally performs standup. He plays with indie improv troupe NonBAEnary, writes for Boston Sketch Company, and writes and acts for Mister Bismuth (find them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube with short films on Vimeo and a new webseries at His solo sketch comedy has been featured at The People's Improv Theater in New York.



Salvatore (“Salva”) Fabbiano trained in improv and acting between Europe and the US. An avid podcast listener and a geek, he immediately saw something of Pamoun in himself… and just slightly worried about it. Salva can be found performing in scripted and unscripted shows every month in the Boston area. More info:, IG: sfabb85


Various, Grave Roberts

Alex P Roy is a Boston based stage performer and director from Springfield, NJ. True Tales of the Illuminati is his first voice acting experience. He is very excited to be a part of such a hilarious story and amongst such talented voice actors.

Sam Monk headshot.jpg

Bro 1

Sam Monk is comedy performer originally from Boston now based in Chicago. After performing stand up and improv separately for many years, he now performs using a combination of both. His current project, "I Love/Hate This" is a musical comedy show that has earned praise for both it's humor and musical precision. He would also encourage you to follow The Socially Awkward Crowd Work Comic on Twitter @awkwardcrowdwor.


Bros 2 & 4

 Chris is a Boston area comedian, working mostly in sketch and improv. His interest in comedy started from watching SNL and Whose Line is it Anyway re-runs while staying home sick from school. In his spare time he enjoys reading and being outside


Bros 3 & 5

Mike has been coming up in the Boston comedy scene since 2017. Improviser, Stand-up, Sketch writer, and now voice actor, Mike prefers to be a well-rounded Jack-of-all-trades. Mike can be seen Saturday nights with Riot Improv at the Rozzie Square Theater in Roslindale, MA, as well as around Boston with his indie improv team, Phoenix Killbot. He is also a regular on the comedy debate podcast, Pick a Side Stupid (recorded live every Friday at Maggy’s Lounge in Quincy, MA), as a writer and debater. The producers of True Tales have described him as “dreamy”, which is true on multiple levels.


Max Kreisky


Max is a Boston-based comedian and writer. He'd like to claim that the idea for True Tales came to him in a dream, but in fact he carried around a notebook full of bad ideas for over a year before this one worked it's way out.  He is engaged to the wonderful Ms. Cargill

He wears a lot of hats for this production mostly because he was the only one with the free time to do them. He regularly performs live comedy in Boston, and you can also find him on the historical comedy podcast Anachronismo! 

He is currently writing a solo project about a sasquatch/David Bowie hybrid in the cyberpunk future. It began as a dare and has now grown to an obsession.


Katherine Cargill


Katherine has the dubious honor of having written two novels, only one of which was Sailor Moon fanfic--and neither of which were published. These days she's mostly organizing with DSA and GMing Tabletop Role-Playing games.


Eric Trageser


Eric Trageser is a writer and comedian living in Somerville, Massachusetts. He co-wrote and appears in the feature-length webseries Content, and has worked on shorts featured at IFF Boston and the Weird Local Film Festival. He is also a founding member of Mister Bismuth, one of Boston’s longest running sketch troupes.


William Gianetta

Sound Design

Will has created several podcasts, including D'jorbundo, The Spider Horse Kronikles and WTF with Marc Maron. 


Arne Parrot

Theme Music

Arne is a comedian and musician living in Chicago. You can find more of his music, writing and theme songs at


Tom Crowley

Logo/Graphic Design

Tom is a comedian and actor living in London. You can find him on twitter @atomcrowley 

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